JUNIOR TENNIS PERUGIA M+PERFORMANCE: the show of the A1 series is on.

Junior Tennis Perugia

Special evening at the Junior in Perugia for the presentation of the team that will participate in the 2022 National Affiliated Championship of the Men's A1 Series this season. Present, in addition to players and coaches, were many fans, journalists and the sponsors of this wonderful adventure that will start from Forte dei Marmi on Sunday, October 23. .

Presentazione Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance
M+Performance - la conferenza di presentazione​​

"A pride for the whole city," said Roberto Carraresi Umbrian Federtennis president.

Presentazione Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance
M+Performance- Roberto Carraresi e Roberto Tarpani​​
Presentazione Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance

Only a few days to go until the start of this season

The 2022 affiliated national championship of the men's A1 series is kicking off and Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance, in its second consecutive participation after the extraordinary salvation achieved last December, is ready. On Sunday, October 23, the first day at the home of Tennis Club Italia Forte dei Marmi, the team captained by Roberto Tarpani was officially presented in the presence of sponsors and institutions. "We have a good team, strengthened compared to a year ago and as usual marked by the great attachment of the boys to the jersey, for us an indispensable prerogative," commented Tarpani just returned from the Atp 250 in Naples that saw Francesco Passaro, launched towards the Top-100.

Presentazione Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance
M+Performance - Francesco Passaro​​
Presentazione Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance
M+Performance - la squadra​​ pronta per il campionato

Precisely the home-grown talent will be the spearhead of the team: "We are all friends, we play this championship with the desire to fight and do well," stresses the class of 2001 in contention for the Intesa San Paolo Next Gen Atp Finals in Milan. Together with Masters Andrea Grasselli, Stefano Lillacci and Francesco Vazzana, the president of the Umbrian Federtennis committee Roberto Carraresi, Perugia Municipality sports councillor Clara Pastorelli, and entrepreneurs-sponsors Lorenzo Fasola and Giuseppe Fornari were present. "This team and Junior Tennis Perugia are a pride for the regional tennis movement," Carraresi added. "The City of Perugia can boast so much sport at the national top and tennis is a big part of it thanks also to Junior," remarked Pastorelli. "The boys are very united and seeing them play with great enthusiasm and spirit of sacrifice is beautiful. Give us more satisfaction," the thoughts of Fasola and Fornari. "Tough championship, after all we are talking about the best 16 teams in Italy," the technical opinion of vice-captain Maestro Andrea Grasselli.

"I am proud to be alongside this team also in this tennis season," said Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, team sponsor with M+Performance, "supporting an Umbrian team such as Junior that plays in the A series also means promoting our territory and the regional tennis movement. "The team has a unique fellowship and all the boys have grit to spare: it will be a championship that will entertain us the one about to start; M+Performance is a product made for sportsmen and women and in the past years we have perfected the recipe of this supplement also with the athletes of Junior Tennis Perugia, also for this reason our product is strongly linked to this team." "Going around Italy and the world with the Umbria of tennis is a great joy, good luck guys." ”

Round 4 of the A1 series consists of not only Junior and Tc Italia, but also Tc Rungg and Sporting Club Selva Alta Vigevano. After the opener in Versilia, Wednesday, Oct. 26 for the Junior 'first' at home, in Via XX Settembre, again against the Tuscans. Then on Sunday, Oct. 30 again at home against the South Tyrolean Tc Rungg, and on Tuesday, Nov. 1, the Lombardy-based Selva Alta arrives in Perugia. RULES - First place in the 4 rounds goes to the Scudetto playoffs, second is safe. Third and fourth will playout to avoid relegation. THE TEAM - In addition to Francesco Passaro, there will be Tunisian Skander Mansouri (No. 249 Atp), newcomer Gian Marco Moroni (362 but already 159), Frenchman Kyrian Jacquet (471), Bosnian Tomislav Brkic (57 in doubles), Andrea Militi Ribaldi, who hit his first Atp point in the summer, Tomas Gerini, Gilberto Casucci, Davide Natazzi, Federico Cecconi and Emanuel Fiorentini.

Presentazione Junior Tennis Perugia M+Performance
M+Performance - Andrea Grasselli e Daniele Sborzacchi​​

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