M+Performance Jet Lag Night and M+Performance Travel Day are the two new additions to the M+ family

The large M+ family is expanding; we are particularly happy to be able to present two new products that complement M+PERFORMANCE liquid and M+PERFORMANCE water-soluble peach: these are two new water-soluble supplements designed especially for those who travel often or for those who need a boost of energy; products always derived from the olive tree and rich in polyphenols.


The first is M+PERFORMANCE JET LAG NIGHT, a 100% natural supplement with relaxing properties , designed to restore the sleep-wake rhythm especially for long journeys.

The formulation of M+ JET LAG NIGHT is based on products grown in organic farming such as Melatonin , Valerian and Hawthorn which are of great help in restoring a correct sleep-wake balance, combined with Hydroxytyrosol and Polyphenols derived from olive trees.

A correct sleep-wake rhythm is essential for general health and well-being. During sleep, the body regenerates, cells repair themselves and the immune system is strengthened.
Insufficient sleep can lead to health problems such as stress, decreased cognitive performance and increased risk of chronic diseases.

Natural supplements can play a key role in promoting quality sleep.

Herbs such as valerian and chamomile, as well as substances such as melatonin, can promote relaxation and improve the quality of sleep.

It is important to choose high-quality supplements and consult with a health professional about their use to ensure safe and effective benefits in promoting restful sleep.


The second new product is M+PERFORMANCE TRAVEL ENERGY DAY, a 100% natural energizing supplement , designed to improve mood and personal energy.

The formulation of M+ TRAVEL ENERGY DAY, also based on extracts from products grown in organic farming, combines caffeine, Taurine and Guarana , Gingseng , with energizing and attention-increasing effects, together with plant extracts such as Whitania somnifera increasing the body's resistance in response to external stress stimuli.
This formula also features the presence of Hydroxytyrosol and Polyphneols from olive trees.

Starting the day with the right energy is crucial to face daily challenges with vitality and positivity.
A balanced breakfast , rich in nutrients, provides the necessary fuel to the body and brain.
However, often, the frenetic pace of modern life can make it difficult to obtain all the essential nutrients through food alone.

Natural supplements can effectively supplement your daily diet , providing additional nutrients.

It is important to choose high quality supplements, preferably of natural origin, to ensure maximum benefit.

Supplementing your morning routine with these supplements can help improve focus, physical stamina, and emotional stability.

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